Moving Waldo Names Deep River Best Place to Live in Canada

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Deep River is the best place to live in Canada! That's according to Moving Waldo, a unique site geared to meeting the needs of people who are moving. In this article 'Top Ten Places to Live in Canada', Deep River is included with other top-of -the-mind well known growth locations like Thetford Mines (I sailed there once and it's the first place I ever had a beer!), Edmundston, New Brunswick (I drove through it once), High River Alberta (I've heard about it) and others (like Barrie, home of Hwy 400 for getting to Toronto, except on summer Sundays or Mondays of a long weekend or during the winter when it's snowing which is most winter days in Barrie). 

Moving Waldo used three criteria for naming these stand-out locations: safety, affordability and access to recreational facilities (otherwise known as quality of life). Interestingly, Deep River's 'crime severity index' is 21.7 vs. a national average of 73.4. 

The Moving Waldo description of Deep River is: 

"The Deep River area provides stunning scenery and excellent boating on the broad river, as well as exciting hiking trails in the hills across the Ottawa River."

Now to be fair, I've never heard of Moving Waldo and you may not have either. But their site is really interesting. Having moved several times in the past ten years, it's easy to see how their services are likely very valuable. They have many excellent testimonials from happy clients. Check it out.

Re Deep River being named the top place to live in Canada - that seems pretty lofty! But based on the criteria, Moving Waldo is definitely onto something. The town is very affordable (although that may be changing fast?). The quality of life is remarkable, especially if you are into the outdoors. And it's a crime to talk about crime in Deep River. It really is a great place to live!



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