Where to Get Something Custom Printed in Deep River

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Custom printing Deep River

More than a few times we’ve heard the question ‘does anybody know where I can get something custom printed in Deep River?’

The Beer River Co. Store can do that! 

Not surprisingly, it’s impossible to stock a store with everything people want. Fortunately, we don’t need to. Modern printing and fulfillment technology makes it efficient to design, print and ship custom items to people based on their needs.

Example. Over the winter (in fact for the past few,) our wonderful neighbour with a snowblower has showed up every morning to clear our driveway after a snowfall. We are SUPER appreciative. How to thank him? It was easy. We got a photo of him in full snow-blower mode and designed it onto a 15oz coffee mug that said ‘thanks’. It was unique, personal form of appreciation that I sense he truly found thoughtful.

Saying thank you is one idea where custom merchandise is useful. However, the list of possibilities is endless. Obviously, gifts (birthday, retirement, even weddings) are big. So is marketing (for events, places, products, etc). So is memorializing a time, place, person, season, trip, etc.

Just about anything can be printed now – even shower curtains! (You know, weirdly one of the nicest shower curtains I’ve seen recently was covered with a local artists own design!). Other items include t-shirts, caps, hats, sweatshirts, water bottles, clocks, posters, cards, pictures, buttons, stickers, phone covers, plates, bowls – you name it!

Even better, once the item is produced it can be shipped anywhere. Have a great pic of a spring hiking trip to Disney World with your family who live in New York? No problem. Just send it to their address.

Not Just Deep River Custom Printing

Although the focus of our brand is Deep River, location is actually irrelevant when it comes to custom merchandise. If you live anywhere and you want help designing, producing and delivering custom merchandise we can do it. Modern technology makes it all possible. 

How Long Does Production Take?

We hate the answer ‘it depends’. Unfortunately, it does. So long as items are being produced in North America (many in Canada), they are produced and shipped almost immediately. Generally, it’s the shipping mode that takes the most time but most items show up in two weeks or less. Outside of North America our rule of thumb is twenty days to a month for delivery.

How to Get Custom Merchandise Through the Beer River Store

The ‘Contact’ page at the top right of the Beer River Store website is the easiest way to get in touch. From there, we will figure out what we need to get your item(s) designed, produced and shipped to you. Quantity is irrelevant. One mug is not too small. Two hundred shower curtains isn’t too big! We always price our products competitively but will be happy to work with you on pricing for larger orders.  

If you need something custom printed in Deep River don’t hesitate to reach out.  We will work with you to meet your needs. And we will be creative so that you stand out!



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