Playing Pickleball in Deep River

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Deep River Pickleball

Playing Pickleball in Deep River is a fast-growing, fast moving summer sports phenomenon.

Every day, my Google News serves up articles from the NY Time, Washington Post, The Guardian and other non-sports publications on the growth of Pickleball. Today's article is Town & Country: Move Over, Tennis: How Pickleball Became the Preferred Sport of The One Percent.

It turns out Leonardo Di Caprio and many other famous one percenters are turning to pickleball. The article even says that many say 'pickleball saved my life'. Woah!

Fortunately, Deep River has pickleball. Check out this website

During the summer, the Deep River Yacht and Tennis Club has a rapidly growing pickleball section. The Club's tennis courts can each hold two pickleball courts. Plus there's room between tennis courts for even more pickleball courts. Move over tennis indeed! Lots of room to grow!

Over the winter, a local resident has reworked the lines on his in-door basketball court enabling pickleball keeners to play all year. Many are playing at least three times a week. 

All the articles on pickleball say the same thing - the game is for everyone. It's a down-sized version of tennis and an up-sized version of ping-pong. Unlike both those sports, it's easy to have fun from the very first time out. However, that doesn't mean the sport isn't also played at a very competitive level. It is, and watching competitive pickleball is a bit like watching pro golf. It's the same sport we all play - just played at a level that most of us will never achieve (or even aspire too). 

At the Beer River Store we've stocked some Deep River and Beer River themed pickleball caps and shirts. And we can customize mugs and anything else a Deep River pickleballer might want. The season will be starting soon!

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